I have always been fascinated by costumes and how they were made.


Ever since I picked it up over 15 years ago, I haven't put down my needle. I am constantly looking for new challenges for myself to improve my craft, among them hand and machine embroidery, corsetry, building of crinolines and historic sewing techniques. My degree at fashion school included pattern drafting and a focus on couture for my diploma.


After finishing my degree I got the chance to participate in an advanced training course for Costume Design at International Film School Cologne and since then I have been lucky enough to work in the costume departments of stage and screen productions, essentially making my biggest hobby into my career.


All of my manufacturing is done in my own workshop in central Munich.


  • 2016/17: Theaterlust, Martinus Luther - Costume Design and Manufacturing
  • 2015/16: Theaterlust, Die Wanderhure (The Traveling Harlot) - Costume Design and Manufacturing
  • 2013/14: TGGaA (Youth Theatre Project), Let 'em Eat Cake (Gershwin) - Costume and Stage Design
  • 2013: Teamtheater, Doig, - Design and Manufacturing "Doig Collection"


  • 2016/17: Turiya Film, Tarantella, Regie Nuno-Miguel Wong, Costume Design
  • 2016: akzente Film, Wenn Frauen ausziehen, Regie Matthias Tiefenbacher, Costume Design Monika Hinz - Additional Wardrobe
  • 2016: Claussen + Putz, Tatort - Die Liebe ein seltsames Spiel, Regie Rainer Kauffmann, Costume Design Lucie Bates - Additional Wardrobe
  • 2016: HFF München, Die letzte Ruhe, Regie Philipp Straetker - Costume Design
  • 2016: herbX Film, Bullyparade - Der Film, Regie Michael Bully Herbig, Costume Design Anke Winckler - 2nd Assistant Costume Designer Prep, Key Wardrobe
  • 2015: HFF Munich, Tesla Spec-Spot "Silent is the new loud", Director Minh Duong - Costume Design
  • 2015: Ratpack/RTL, Winnetou, Director Philipp Stölzl, Costume Design Anke Winckler - Key Wardrobe
  • 2012: Auvidarte Film, Itzelham (Short), Director Christoph von Zastrow - Costume Design
  • 2011: Eva Merz PhotoDesign, Mondnacht (Short), Director Eva Merz - Costume Design
  • 2011: Lucky Bird Pictures/Sat1, Ausgerechnet Sex, Director Andi Niessner, Costume Design Verena Sapper - Costume Internship

Special Skills

  • Patterning and Manufacturing of historical and modern garments
  • Hand and Machine Embroidery
  • Costume Patina
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Actors Breakdown
  • Illustrations


  • ifs International Filmschool Cologne, Costume Design advanced training
  • ESMOD Munich International Fashion School, Degree in Modelisme (pattern drafting) and Stylisme (Design), Focus on Couture
  • Theresia Gerhardinger Gymnasium Munich, Abitur